Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ode to Thin Mints

Oh, Thin Mints, how I love thee
is it possible to only eat three?

Chocolate and mint are the perfect pair
if only my toddler didn't want to share
I'd keep your green box all to myself
and never place you on the pantry shelf

Donating to the Girl Scouts is a good deed
but my guilty pleasures you tend to feed
Tonight it's just you and me (with Paula, Randy, Simon and the new girl)
add a glass of milk and a blanket, on the couch we shall curl

Oh, Thin Mints, how I love thee
don't worry I will stop with one sleeve

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Edgar Sawtelle

For the past few months I have been wallering in the pages of David Wroblewski's The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. My shoulders have slumped since I closed the book. I'm mourning for a few of the characters but mostly for myself. Soaking in the rich vocabulary and pausing to bask in each chapter is over.

Wroblewski's writing is phenomenal. Edgar's signing crept into my thoughts at stop lights. During dinner I wondered which Sawetelle dog would choose my family. I even prayed for all women who have lost like Trudy.

Edgar's adventure is 500+ pages which is one reason it took me so long to read, another being my two small rug rats are quite the time suck...the main reason is that I enjoyed every page. Ev-er-y page. Sometimes I pressed the words against my cheek and often my husband rescued it from my sleeping bear hug.

Soon I'll have to return this borrowed copy but find comfort in it's lasting eloquence. I also find solace in knowing that one day, oh say, when my kids are out of the house, that I will have the honor of rereading this remarkable work of art.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tennis = Love

I love the game, I love the smell of a new can of balls, I love to grip a racket, I love being out in the sun, and I love the scoring system.

My dad used to take my brother and me to play on sunny weekends. My grandparents used to send me to summer tennis camp. I played in high school, taught lessons while in college, and have played on a team here and there since. Oh how I miss it. Maybe one day my children will like to play...

...not that I'm pressuring them in any way. If they don't like it, fine. I may need therapy but I'll be o.k.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Good morning, Tulips. Thank you for your charm. You ease the monotony of preparing the bottle of milk, cup of juice, and pot of coffee in the early hours.

Good day, Tulips. Thank you for your happy hues. You perfectly mask the never ending battle of crumbs on my kitchen table.

Good evening, Tulips. Thank you for your presence. You add pleasure to cleaning after supper.

Good night, Tulips. See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 6, 2009


This morning I fell down the stairs. Seriously, I fell and couldn't get up. Just the bottom two or three stairs but still...ouch! It was dark and way early, my favorite fuzzy red socks are to blame (not me or my sleep deprivation), and sweet Emory was in my arms. Thankfully she was well protected but I cannot say the same for my right elbow or lower back.

Lessons Learned
Number One: Don't wear fuzzy socks while carrying a precious baby downstairs during the wee morning hours.

Number Two: I am older than I feel.

Number Three: Thank God for yoga, even if I have to join my elderly friends in the Yoga with Chairs class.

Now, if you will excuse me and my geriatric feeling self I'm going to take a nap, enjoy the early bird special at K&W (a.k.a. The Hobble-n-Gobble), and be home in time for Wheel of Fortune.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Morning Time

1:22 AM Dylan woke me up to let me know that the big man "scarried" him. I took him back to bed.

2:43 AM Dylan woke me up because his Thomas the Train blanket was sad. What-the-fudge? Can't he be sad during daylight? I let him in bed with us because I didn't want to go back upstairs.

3:03 AM Dylan draped me with two pint-sized arms and a mini-leg. I went upstairs to sleep in his big boy bed.

6:45 AM Dylan's clock turned green and I got up. See the irony here, folks?

7:10 AM The Fam was happily snuggled in my bed when Dylan used his toes to pop Emory's paci out of her mouth. He and I cracked up. I, too, find it funny to put one's feet in an other's face...but only if you know them...really, really know them.

7:13 AM Emory retaliates by creeping her tiny hand across the sheets to grab Dylan's night-night (his Linus blanket). Once she had it in her grasp she flashed her Crest-white teeth, all two of them, in a victory smile.

7:45 AM Everyone finished breakfast and hubby left for work. Time to "start" the day!

Missing sleep is like missing a friend. I know one day I'll get to catch up but until then I sure hope the giggles and the snuggles continue to ease our early mornings.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Favorite Time of Day

Shhhh. The quiet now surrounding me is a gift. Slivered almonds have replaced my eyes as I wish to write. My breathing has deepened and slumber is near. If only I could articulate and nap simultaneously.

Or if I could just snooze like this...

or this...

ahhh, I do love naptime!

Monday, February 2, 2009


This morning I bravely took a spinning class at the gym even though the Superbowl ribs and beer were telling me otherwise. At first I thought starting the week off so healthy would veto the damage done last night. Then I became anxious about being on that bike for a whole hour. Could I do it? Once the music started pumping and my heart caught up I knew I had made the right decision...luckily, endorphins took over.

My Sharona was the third song to blast as I was climbing an imaginary hill and it triggered a memory. Remember the movie Reality Bites? I love, love, loved Lelania (Wynona Rider) and Troy (Ethan Hawke) and the quirky dance to My Sharona in the convenience store.

Lelania, Troy, Vicky, Sammy and Michael eased a tough time during my teen years. One weekend four of my girlfriends and I watched Reality Bites seven times. Just before my senior year I moved to a new town and came back "home" for three days prior to starting my new school. We camped out in the living room that was usually parent free, smoked cigarettes, and sighed every time Ethan Hawke graced the screen. We wore out the phrases "Don't Bogart that can, man" and "Hey that's my bike!" and shared our dreams of being out in the real world.

That sound track remained a staple in my cd player throughout 1995 and occasionally I pull it out to torture my husband with Lisa Loeb's Stay (I Miss You) or Lenny Kravits' Spinning Around Over You. Oh yeah, I'm cool like that.

This first week in February of 2009 I'm feeling strong and silly. I survived that spinning class just like I survived being the new girl. My words of wisdom (because I'm oh-so-wise) this morning are...if you ever feel a little intimidated or jittery (whether from nerves or a pork and alcohol combo) try letting your mind, body, and soul spin with a favorite memory.