Wednesday, July 29, 2009

After School with Faye

My grandmother, Faye, taught me how to stand on my head.

She extinguished her cigarette, dismounted from her light blue swivel
recliner and squatted beside me in her living room one day after school. She showed me how to put my hands shoulder-width apart on her new Sears catalog rug and spread my fingers wide. Then placing the top of her head on the floor she kicked up her delicate, bony feet making herself perpendicular. My seven year old self was in utter awe. I had never seen her do anything spectacular and it almost made up for her just giving my snotty-nosed brother $0.50 for taking out the newspapers when the week before the same task earned me a quarter.

I practiced the rest of the afternoon. Several times Faye caught my feet in the air to help me balance but quickly I had it down pat. After counting 28 Mississippi's, the highest yet, I ran to her bedroom mirror to see how red my face had turned. Though proud of my beet colored cheeks her glamorous jewelry box caught my attention like a beauty queen in sequins. I modeled every ring and strand of pearls I could put my grubby little hands on before hearing, "Oh, you-hooooo."

My mom was home from work and I could not wait to share my new trick!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mrs. Edith

Walking out of the sanctuary one Sunday morning a gentleman said, “I saw you help Mrs. Edith to the alter to take communion. That was very kind of you.”

“Oh, yeah. Thanks,” was my uncomfortable reply.

“Surprised me that she took your arm like that. She’s a proud, independent lady.”

Funny how perceptions can be backwards. The one needing support that day was me, though I'd always thought of myself in the same light as the gentleman described Mrs. Edith.

Mrs. Edith was a fixture at Mt. Zion on Sunday mornings. I was a newbie. It had been forever since I’d taken communion and my internal struggle with Christ was at an all-time high. Usually my hubby is beside me at church but occasionally I go solo and put our children in the nursery. Such was that day. I felt alone. She looked alone but after I waited for her at the end of the pew and felt her grip on my forearm I knew our company was significant.

Every Sunday I looked forward to seeing Mrs. Edith, dressed to the nines. She always had a compliment ready, which was nice, but what I truly appreciated was her faith. I found comfort in seeing her on the left side, fifth row from the front with her Bible marked to the day’s scripture.

I am lucky enough to have known Mrs. Edith in God’s house and will remember her strength the next time I feel alone. I look forward to eternity and pray I am able to share this story with her.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Over

"Hey Buddy, how's that peanut butter and jelly?"

"Good. I missed you last night, Mommy. How was your meeting?"

"My Bible study was fun, thanks for asking. When I got home I went upstairs and kissed you all over. Bet you didn't even know it."

Long pause.

"Even my butt?"

Monday, July 6, 2009

Holden Beach

We just returned from our summer vacation at Holden Beach, NC. Spending time with our best buds and being away from the daily hustle was the whole idea. Mission accomplished!

Two of my favorite parts of our getaway were Emory and Hubby sharing ice cream...

and hanging out on the deck in our pajamas.

One of my least favorite parts included getting up every day (ev-er-y day) before six o'clock. Yes, I'm still recovering. One morning I sleepily drug myself and my wide awake children on the beach so others could sleep and Dylan said, "Look Mommy, the sunset!" Um, no. That would be the sunrise. The only other not-so-favorite part was attempting a family photo...


and again. Hey, look at the camera! Look. At. The. Cam-er-a! With your eyes open, please.

Oh well, I did get this one...

and this is definitely a keeper...

Girl Power!