Friday, August 22, 2008

All Things Mommy

When I started this blog I had the idea that I would write, write, write and not all about being a mom. However, looking at my posts they are mostly about just that. Sometimes I sit in front of the computer and think, "What can I write today that doesn't include snotty noses or burp cloths." Those days I tend to leave without even a paragraph.

Often I get inspired by a great sentence in a book or lyric in a song but by the time I get to the computer it has been wiped out by a sea of edible gold fish and apple juice. I long to feel like the grown up that I am but it's hard when I'm surrounded by silly cartoons and soft baby blankets. When I finally get to go to dinner with friends I find myself struggling to talk about worldly events or engage in conversations that require more than six word sentences. My brain is mommy mush.

I know that I am more than a mom. I know that I am intelligent, or at least used to be and can replenish it one day. I tell myself that being a mom is the most important job in the world so if I have to sacrifice knowing that the only five syllable words I'll use for a while are names of dinosaurs, so be it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Salty Peaches

Salty peaches are not good. In fact, they are disgusting.

Tonight at dinner I had a lovely bowl of fresh peaches with plump blueberries on the table before anything else. Oh, and the salt and pepper shakers. I was soooo excited to have something delicious and healthy as a part of dinner. The past few nights have been take-out or processed boxed, canned, or frozen junk so you may imagine my delight as I peeled the juicy peaches and washed the berries.

My ancestors would not believe what I had to go through to get fresh fruit. First, I had to strap my two and half year old and a two month old in their car seats. Then I had to drive 20 minutes to a local farm stand, put Big Brother's shoes back on, unload the youngins, and strap Baby Sister into her Baby Bjorn in order to have my arms free to gather.

While I was checking out the produce and keeping Big Brother from touching every last tomato I managed to bag snap beans, sweet potatoes, and squash. As I headed to pay for my loot I smelled them...the peaches. The warm summer day brought the sweet aroma to me with a purpose. The blueberries were beside them for reasons other than impulse buying, I just know it. I added the two fruits to my purchase right after quieting Baby Sister with her paci and telling Big Brother to put his shoes on right this minute.

While walking towards the car I got the feeling that everyone was glad to see us go, a feeling that's becoming a bit too comfortable. It took my son forever to walk across the gravel parking lot as he did not put his shoes back on right that minute or the rest of the day. Because I am the master of multitasking I was making sure he didn't get hit by a car or tractor as I took her out of the carrier and put her back in her car seat. Then I strapped him in his car seat and loaded my goodies and amazingly drove home with a smile. Happy because of my goodies not because of Baby Sister's hungry cry.

I know I'm dragging out this story but I want you to understand the disgust behind the salty peaches.

Back to the delicious bowl of fresh fruit on my dinner table tonight... I was going to gobble all that I could during our meal and eat the left overs for dessert with Cool Whip while watching Grey's Anatomy (even if it's a rerun). That dream faded as I heard, "Mom, I put pepper now!"

In slow motion I turned to see my son standing over the prized dish and reaching for the pepper. "Salt, Mommy, I did salt," said the minature creature I used to adore. Ruined. I even tried to rinse and sprinkle with sugar.

Salty peaches are not good. In fact, they are disgusting.

Friday, August 8, 2008

We Made It!

Fun is watching my 2 year old run on the beach. Full speed ahead with a wide grin he'd run until he had to catch a breather. So cute! Baby Sister was the lucky recipient of extra hugs and kisses from family and friends which was nice because it was too hot to have her outside for long.

I love the way my son says "sunscreen" and I love rinsing the sand off his tiny feet. I love the salty air and fresh seafood. I love when my hubby is relaxed. I love listening my mom and aunt coo with the baby.

We survived the beach trip and had a fantastic time. The ride home was hard and I thought about running away but once on familiar ground we all napped for several hours.

Vacations are special but home is bliss!