Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Go to zoo now?"

These were the words of my 2 year old for almost 2 weeks. I made the mistake of telling him that we were going to the zoo on Boyfriend's next day off. Since Boyfriend is a small business owner his days off are unpredicatable.

"Go to zoo after nap?"
"Go to zoo when daddy come home?"
"Go to zoo now?"

It was cute at first. After about the 1000th time I was ready to take him to PetSmart and call it a day.

I'm glad I hung in there because we all had the best time and made memories that will forever last. The sea lions took 1st prize in my son's eyes. He loved watching them gracefully twist underwater. He was scared by a gorilla who had fun with the crowd and the "big elfants" and "tall raffs" received much praise and a few rounds of applause.

I'm exhausted, still. Being over 7 months preggie walking around a zoo trying to keep up with an over-excited 2 year old will help one find religion...and any place to sit.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dream #3

I dream that life as a stay at home mom fills my cup.

I dream of feeling a real sense of accomplishment when my son is potty trained or can tie his shoes. I dream of hanging laundry out to dry while my children blow bubbles.

I dream of long summer days with the neighborhood kids in and out. I dream of serving lemonade and cookies, making hopscotch sqares in the driveway, and hula-hooping until my sides hurt.

I dream of homework spread across the kitchen table and telling teenagers to turn down their music. I dream of best friends and first dates and spring breaks.

I dream that my kids grow up to be caring and helpful people and always want to visit home.